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House Washing

Welcome to Downs Pressure Cleaning home exterior pressure washing services in Toowoomba Qld we help you put the shine back into your home exterior areas from pressure cleaning down your walls, roof and pathways and make them look reasonably new again. We clean exterior house areas for preparation for property sales and general spruce up your home exterior areas and create added valuation of property prices.

There many different surfaces that we clean around your house from the roof down to the ground removing various stains and dust.


  • Metal & Tile Roof Pressure Cleaning

We can clean your roof tiles, metal roof and awning structure surfaces removing any mould and dirt build up leaving them bright and fresh looking again.

  • Gutter Cleaning

Can remove built up mud and leaves that are trapped inside your guttering, preventing proper water flow.

  • Eaves & Fascia Boards

Remove cobwebs, mould and dirty water stains from the underside of eaves including fascia boards.

  • Walls & Patio Cleaning

House wall washing side fascia boards, bricks, painted cement render, garage doors, patio/verandah, timber decks removing mould and general environmental buildup of dirt.

  • Window Cleaning

Our home window cleaning service can clean your windows inside and out including frames.

  • Pathway Cleaning

Home stairs & pathway pressure washing, side passage paths, paths leading to the front gate, the clothes line to back shed.

  • Pool Cleaning

Drain pool and clean all walls of heavy mould and rust stains.

  • Fences & Retaining Walls

Fence & retaining wall cleaning all types of substrates timber, brick, cement & stone.

  • Carport & Garage Area Cleaning

Metal carport cleaning & garage floor and wall cleaning.

  • Driveway Cleaning

Concrete driveway cleaning services, we clean general concrete, pavers, pebblecrete, stencilcrete, stamped concrete, stones and asphalt

Service areas Toowoomba, Darling Downs & South Eastern QLD - Cleaning service areas include Dalby, Warwick, Stanthorpe, Wallangarra, Goondiwindi, Oakey, Miles, Pittsworth, Allora, Clifton, Cecil Plains, Drayton, Millmerran, Nobby, and Chinchilla.

  • House Washing
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